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Welcome to the Roy McAvoy Invitational Majors+1 contest hosted by Pro Tour Fantasy Golf for the friends of Brad Bjornsen. You can sign-up using this link if you know the league password. Otherwise, you can have Brad set your team up for you. Hi All- The league website is up and loaded with the schedule we discussed a few days ago. Most of you have expressed interest again this season i.e. going with the 5 Major tournaments this season, and using the same entry fee as last season i.e. $10/each tourney, season fees will be around $65/participant. I will send the prize money breakdown once I have a final head count .... but it will be similar to last season e.g. ~$150 if you win a Tournament, and the rest will be divided into season prize money. Also, no need to pay now - let's wait until we know how many are playing. Feel free to invite any friends and family who might want to play. I already have a few new candidates. If so, send me their email and I will send them an invite. OK, that's all for now. Rory M.
League Commissioner: Brad Bjornsen