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Bjornsen, Brad
Jun 10 10:57 PM EDT
Post #2
Dustin Johnson won this weekend, so he is back at #1 in the world rankings, but there are probably 20 other golfers that can win this week. The US Open is known for rewarding straight hitters and good putters! The big bombers off the tee who land in the rough will be penalized. Anyway, I know most of you have busy work schedules, so I will be happy to put your picks in for you if you send them to me. Just get them to me before Thurs AM tee times. Ok, good luck!!
Bjornsen, Brad
Jun 10 10:53 PM EDT
Post #1
Hey Fantasy Golf Fans- Just a reminder that the 3rd leg of our season tournament is this week - The U.S. Open and the largest payout of the season - $2.16M if you pick the winner!!!! The season championship is still wide open i.e. Ambulance Chasers feels confident he can go wire2wire, but I think some of you have something to say about that! Anyway, study up and get your picks in early!!